One of my favourite songs is de melancholic ballad Sour Wine, which was rereleased in 1968 on a now incredibly rare 7 inch. Frank Nuyens plays the mandolin on that recording. He had bought the instrument on the street of a gipsy for a few guilders. Another brilliant gem is the by Bo Diddley inspired I got nightmares. Although they considered themselves to be Blues adapts, they believed there Blues colleagues from the North of Holland, The Bintangs, were the real kings of the genre.  

To promote 'Revolution' they staged a legendary performance. The newsmedia had been told the band would leave for a tour to England and their means of transport would be a rubberboat. 

Sadly they were refused working permits. They went to London anyway and took some photos with and without rubberboat. When they returned to Scheveningen a huge crowd of Fans was awaiting them on the beach of Scheveningen.  Everybody still believed they had played in swinging London and done the trip in the small boat with which they landed on the coast of Holland.  In fact, they had just been doing some sightseeing near Piccadilly circus and Carneby street. The rubberboat was only used the last kilometres of the journey for the rest they had transferred on a more comfortable ship. 

To thank their loyal followers for the homecoming welcome they did a memorable gig on the pear of Scheveningen.



More interesting 7 inch material followed the release of the Lp, like 'World of birds/It came to me' which is a typical 67 psychedelic style recordings. As happened with more groups in that period the drugusage of some bandmembers was getting out of hand. 

A jail sentence for drugs pocession and the call of military service for the singer hold the passe out of the bands career. Most of the beatsingers tryed to get out of   by claiming they were insane, which wasn't to difficult to do, considering that having long hair was already seen as pretty absurd by the establishment, but the singer went voluntarily.



The band temporarily called it quits, to make a comeback in 1969. They released the album 'Revival', which contains some new material and earlier releases like the brilliant 'So high ive been so down i must fall'. Hans van Hemert produced the album and participates as a hostsinger. Try to find the album, it will probably set you back about 200 Euro's in mint condition, but its worth it.

The went on to play ans make records well in to the seventies, but these releases aren't very interesting for lovers of the Dutchbeat genre. 

sightseeing in swinging London